The Role of Technology in Modern Garment Manufacturing

<strong>The Role of Technology in Modern Garment Manufacturing</strong>

The fashion industry is, undoubtedly, one of the most quickly evolving industries in the world. From crop tops to jumping to baggy wear, it is something you can’t trust to be constant.

Like all other areas of life, technology has also shaped the garment manufacturing industries in Pakistan and all over the world. The factories are full of tech stuff hastening the production. You will see unique machines stitching fabrics at every corner.

With this expanding feature, let’s shed light on how some of the technologies are already shaping the garments manufacturing industry. 

Trending Technology Solutions in the Fashion World 

3D Printing Another revolutionizing trend among Western garments manufacturer is 3D fashion printing. It involves the use of 3D printers to print designs, colors, and details on fabrics. The resulting 3D garment is close to accurate. This saves so much time, effort, and money otherwise invested in creating samples.

It is also a great way to create custom fittings and play with designs. 3D garment printing is a way forward to sustainable fashion.

·      Product Design

With Artificial Intelligence, you won’t have to spend hours finding new design trends. Smart technology also helps designers analyze current trends and produce garments. Moreover, you can also create 2D and 3D design prototypes with precisions. All of this improves design accuracy and reduces cost and effort.

·      CAD Technology 

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software has been a great help in many areas of life. The fashion industry is one of them.

This software enables the creation of intricate designs and patterns for men and women fashion garments. The designer can see each embroidered and print stroke with precision and play with ideas. Design tools like CAD have made designing garments faster, easier, and more accurate.  

·      Personalized Garments Production

The technology has enabled producing custom garments per the audiences’ needs. It can detect future trends and create similar pieces and prints just by having an idea of the style, design, and color.

Another great leap is the mass production of personalized garments. It has become possible only through modern technology. You just have to select the style and type of garments and the manufacturing technology will create personalized clothes all by itself.

·      Inventory and Distribution

Digital cataloging involves using modern cloud-based software to manage products and inventory. One such tool is Radio frequency identification technology (RFID).

RFID tags enable the detection of products throughout their lifecycle. It helps identify product defects, inventory accuracy, and out-of-stock items timely. The technology has reduced the inventory logging and scanning time to one-fifth.  

·      Augmented and Virtual Reality

The world of store and online shopping has become more fun with virtual reality (VR). It creates Augmented experiences like 3D visuals, 3D scanning, and AR pop-up stores and books. Virtual fitting rooms are one classic example of VR tech in the fashion industry, improving sales and customer satisfaction. That’s the real MVP in the success of a fashion brand.

IoT in Garments Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves using single-source technology to operate and manage different processes. IoT in the fashion industry is not very common, but it is quickly gaining attention among the top Western garments manufacturer. Sensors and microchips are used to get custom audience data to make better clothing.

For example, this technology can detect body temperature changes while physical activity to produce performance-oriented garments. In addition, using IoT solutions in the production cycles can help optimize supply chain processes for sustainability and growth.


Technology has revolutionized the world of garments to a whole new level. The above-mentioned trending technology solutions are nowadays common among the top men and women fashion garments manufacturers. Apart from machine automation, product designing, and printing, Virtual Reality is one of the best things that happened to sustainable fashion.

If you are planning to set up one of the most advanced garment manufacturing industries in Pakistan, we recommend selecting robust technology solutions to shape your road toward success.  

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