Sustainability of Fashion and How Does It Help the Environment

Sustainability of Fashion and How Does It Help the Environment

This world, this environment we are experiencing today, may not remain the same after some years. And no matter how much we hate it, we are the top reason for its downfall.

But wait, we can also be its savior. Want to know how? By learning and promoting sustainability.

This is the prime era to care for our environment. Sustainability in our lifestyle is the only way forward. The garment industry is one of the top reasons for environmental pollution, and Sustainability of Fashion is its antidote.

What is Sustainable Fashion? 

Sustainable fashion, concisely, is the production of ethical garments.

And what exactly are ethical garments?

The clothes, textiles, and accessories made from organic material through an eco-friendly manufacturing process are included in the ethical category. Sustainable fashion produces green products with negligible carbon emissions, all while caring for their workers in the best way.

Fast Fashion Vs. Sustainable Fashion

Take the definition of sustainable fashion and inverse it; that’s fast fashion for you.

Simply put, fast fashion means producing and selling large quantities of cheap garments. These products are not only inexpensive but also low quality. The main benefit of fast fashion is getting to enjoy different fashion trends and new clothes in a short period.

As fun as it sounds, fast fashion is extremely toxic to the environment. Low-quality practices produce more carbon emissions. Besides, dumping a large number of garments leads to pollution and high wastage.

Fashion sustainability is the anti-dote of this toxicity. It promotes reusing old clothes, produces sturdy clothes that last long, and less waste, leading to resource preservation and better ecological health.

Benefits of Sustainable Fashion for the Environment 

Reduced Waste 

The clothing industry is one of the major contributors to the world’s waste. If these items cannot be disposed of, they remain open in the environment. You can see large piles of old clothes on riversides or similar areas.

Creating long-lasting, sustainable clothes reduces waste. It promotes recycling and repairing items, converting useless old clothes into something of value. All of this results in fewer garments going to landfills each year.  

Reduced Pollution & Carbon Footprint

Pollution is another environment-toxic factor very common these days. By using non-toxic dyes and harmless chemicals, sustainable fashion brands reduce pollution.   

Synthetic fabrics have so much greater carbon footprint compared to their organic counterparts. The use of organic materials like cotton or hemp in clothes results in less pollution when it goes to waste.

Preserving Resources

A sustainable fashion brand like Orient Apparel preserves water and other useful resources during production.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is all about reusing garments. Organic materials are more renewable. Methods like upcycling and recycling ensure that fewer resources are used. By minimizing resource consumption, sustainable fashion helps conserve water, energy, and raw materials.

Benefits of Sustainable Fashion for the Humans  

Sustainable fashion is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good about the choices we make. It has myriad benefits for humans too.

Promotes Local Craftmanship 

Many sustainable fashion brands prioritize local manufacturing. Limiting long-distance shipping reduces cost and carbon footprint. These companies also support traditional craftsmanship, promoting sustainable livelihoods. This practice is especially better for local artists in developing countries.

Fair Wages / Healthy Work Environment 

Fast fashion produces large quantities of clothes at less expense. Brands pay them less, and in turn, these manufacturers pay low wages to their workers. This labor exploitation is very common in the fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion brands are not after quick turnover. They work ethically and pay fair wages to their workers. The green fashion factories offer employee benefits and bonuses, just like any other industry.

Less Inflation, Reduced Expenses 

When resources are preserved, the chances of inflation decrease.

The long-lasting garments remain as good as new for years, saving you money in shopping. Recycling and reusing these products save money in finding resources.

The use of organic cotton and other materials is better for the skin. It’s long-lasting and produces quality clothes. Investing in better garments gives you the best value for your money.

More Useful Resources 

If the earth’s resources run out, it’s a problem for us; humans. If we preserve resources, we can utilize them for long without having to go for artificial solutions.

Better for the Human Body 

Pollution is a killing agent for the human body, and so is the carbon emission. Controlling both these toxic factors will make human life so much better. People will have fresh air to breathe and clean water for daily use. Besides, wearing organic, sustainable clothes is so much elevating for the human skin.

Gratitude and Ethical Satisfaction 

Ethical practices = fair wages = improved quality of life.

When workers are paid a living wage, they can work even better. It promotes physical and mental satisfaction and happiness all over.

Sustainable Fashion – Wrapping Up  

Sustainability in fashion is a response to the negative environmental impacts of fast fashion and similar practices. It’s the way forward for a better world with less pollution and more healthy living. By choosing sustainable fashion, contribute to a more responsible and environmentally friendly fashion industry.

Now, one thing consumers get confused about is finding a reliable sustainable fashion brand. On-site stores are not that active in sustainability at the moment. However, you can find online stores easily with various natural garments. One’s blog you are reading at the moment!

Orient Apparel is a proud manufacturer of sustainable garments and ships it all around the world! We follow the best eco-friendly practices and organic materials. Shop from us with the peace of mind that you are investing in ethical practices.  

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