Why it is Important to Make Sustainable Denim Fabrics

Why it is Important to Make Sustainable Denim Fabrics

Years have passed, and denim is still the most favorite garment of many of us. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s stylish, durable, and looks good on all. However, one thing is hindering the vast denim usage; its production pollution.

Denim manufacturing results in large amounts of environmentally toxic substances. Since there’s no more room for toxicity, many companies are shifting to sustainable denim fabric production. This article will clear all your questions about sustainable denim and why is it taking the world by storm.

What is the Environmental Impact of Denim Fabric?

Like most traditional textile production, denim manufacturing is not so green. The process starts with harvesting cotton for jeans, which then goes into weaving to produce yarn. The product undergoes dyeing to create the desirable blue or any color. It also goes through many chemical washes to make the fabric softer and more durable. 

This whole production cycle consumes large amounts of natural water. Also, the dyeing and washing process involves chemicals like lead and mercury. These are not only harmful to the consumers but also to the factory workers. In addition, all these chemicals, as the production waste and fabric dumps go into the rivers, pollute the sea life and drinking water. To prevent all such horrific issues, sustainability is essential. 

What Is Sustainable Denim Fabric?

Sustainable denim is the production of denim fabric that is safe for the environment. It ditches the traditional denim manufacturing process that involves massive environmental pollution. Sustainable production, in contrast, is lighter, friendlier, and tolerable for the earth’s atmosphere.

Many brands and cut-and-sew denim manufacturers have adopted this concept around the world. They produce green denim, another name for sustainable denim. Such products relieve environmental and human health risks for a better future.

What Is the Importance of Sustainable Denim?

Sustainable denim is greener and better. It helps the environment, and its inhabitants have a long, healthy life.

1. Saves the Environment

The first and foremost benefit of choosing green products is saving the environment. We all know how much toxic gases, chemicals, and waste are polluting the environment. Soon, they will cause nature to decay.

Also, ecological resources like water have become limited. If we don’t conserve what we already have, we will soon run out of it.

2. Saves Humans

The sustainable denim fabric will be chemical-free. The more natural the product, the better it is for humans. Artificial agents in dyes and washes can cause issues like skin irritations and respiratory problems. Choosing safe products will be better for human health. It will also be much safer for workers who deal with these chemicals in the factories.

Besides, it indirectly saves humans by saving the environment. We can’t live without the atmosphere and all its natural resources. Preserving them through sustainability equals saving human lives.

3. Creates Awareness 

Eco-friendly products are the need of the hour. They are as important as eating healthy food to lead a happy life. Promoting sustainable denim will create awareness among consumers. They will look for green products in the fashion industry and everywhere else. All of this will create socially responsible practices and normalize sustainable products.

4. Circular Economy 

Sustainable fabrics can also be recyclable. These fabrics, instead of going to waste, are reused to produce new apparel. It saves money in creating new clothes. The reduced production cost will also decrease consumer prices. In short, it will save money being wasted due to fast fashion.

5. Reduces Waste 

Dumping used materials in natural habitats is unsafe for nature. It affects the sea life, animals, and even humans. Polluted water can kill living things. Green products will be chemical-free, keeping the environment safe from toxicity.

In fact, sustainable denim will not be dumped into oceans. Instead, it will be recycled and reused. This process will reduce the overall waste load of the world.

How Can We Make Denim More Sustainable?

We, as consumers and clothing brands, can make sustainable fabric a priority by purchasing from sustainable denim clothing manufacturers. These companies use less water, energy, and other environmental resources, to preserve them. You can also order custom denim jeans from them. Growing organic cotton and limiting the use of chemicals in dyeing and pesticides is another great practice.

Laser treatment and ozone bleaching are some sustainable methods that sustainable denim fabric manufacturers use. Orient Apparel is one such reputed manufacturer in Pakistan that prioritizes sustainability and safe health practices.

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