Top 10 World Countries Having the Best Garments Manufacturers

Top 10 World Countries Having the Best Garments Manufacturers

Garment manufacturing is a skill not everyone possesses. Or more specifically, not every country is best at it. The industry is spread across the globe with every country trying to win the race. Still, only some manage to have this special gift.

As a fashion designer, the quality of textile and fabric greatly matters. A bad quality garment can ruin your hard work on the design within minutes. Consider this list of the top 10 countries of clothing manufacturing to get your material. If you reside in Pakistan, ensure you choose the most reputable sellers.

1. China

China is the leading company in textile garment manufacturer worldwide. Its garment industry is the largest in the world. They produce bulk amounts of textiles and garments and export them worldwide. That’s why you can find their products to be affordable and versatile.

The country produces ready-made as well as raw products in their finest quality. The vastness of the industry also drives the country’s exports, which in turn, further optimizes the garment industry. They specialize in silk, cotton, synthetic, fiber, wool, and knitted fabrics.

2. Italy

Italy’s textile industry is flourishing due to its natural fabrics. Different countries source silk, cotton, and linen from Italy and that drives a whopping revenue from exports.

If you are after clothing manufacturers for natural fabrics, Italy is your go-to country. It is also quite appreciated for innovative designs and fashion, one example of which is E-textile. Keep in mind that Italy’s textile comes on the expensive side. 

3. Turkey 

Turkey has a strong history in textiles and produces a wide range of garments at affordable prices. Turkish garment manufacturers are skilled in creating a wide range of ready-to-wear clothing, from casual wear to high-end fashion. In fact, they have a name in providing environment-friendly and sustainable materials. Thus, turkey has a special spot in the fabric supply chain. It supplies goods to European market and is one of the biggest exporters of textiles.

4. Germany

Germany recently changed its textile preferences and soon became one of the top garment manufacturing countries. It used to focus on producing bulk textile at reasonable rates. Now, Germany only produces high quality products using advanced technologies.

The country is the second largest textile exporter globally and specialize in synthetic fabrics. With its increasing demand, it is possible that Germany may soon lead the world textile industry.

5. United States

Textile export is one of the top exports adding to the US economy. It is a hub for some key manufacturers that sell items both at domestic and international levels. Raw materials, fabrics, and domestic furnishings are the top contributors to its export. The prominent thing about American textiles is that they have rapidly evolved at a large scale within a few years.

6. India

India is home to the oldest garment manufacturing industries in the world. It was late to adopt technological advancement comparatively. India’s textile industry is divided into two prominent types of items; traditional products and advanced technological products.

It is a big producer of cotton and that makes a major portion of its exports. Also, the country has a specific niche of quality silk that it exports to developed countries.

7. Bangladesh

The best Asian country for textile manufacturing in Bangladesh. It was ranked as the 2nd biggest exporter of textiles till 2018. Still, it remains in the top 10 list and so do its products. The reason for its success is its extensive labor force with low cost. Bangladesh is best for brands that want quality products at cheap rates. Many worldwide fashion companies already get their retail fabrics from Bangladesh.

8. Vietnam

Another Asian country makes it to this list for bringing quality and innovation in the garment industry. Like other countries in this region, Vietnam also leads due to a cheap and skilled labor force.

The Vietnam garment industry focuses on modernization and innovation. What makes it the best in the industry is that labor in Vietnam is divided to work in only their area of expertise. It commonly exports to countries like Japan, US, and South Korea.

9. Spain

From spinning to weaving and even dyeing, Spain produces large-scale textile machinery. The garment industry is one of the best industries in the country. It is famous for creating innovative and fashionable items. Although very successful, the country focuses on the quality and quantity of its product and strives to rank higher in the world garment manufacturers.

10. Pakistan

Pakistan may be a developing country but is one of the best garment manufacturers in the world. The country is in the eighth position in Asian textile exports. The garment industry here is so extensive that more than 40% of the country’s population works there.

Pakistan is the fourth largest cotton exporter. It specializes in processing, yarn production, weaving, garments, and textile printing. You will find several garment manufacturing companies in Pakistan providing low-cost quality fabrics, such as Orient Apparel.


These top 10 countries of clothing manufacturing should be on your list for getting quality fabric for your brand. With China, India, and Pakistan on the list, we can say that Asian countries are ruling the textile industry. However, note that the manufacturing standards and practices can vary greatly within a country, so it’s important to research and vet individual manufacturers before doing business with them. If you are looking for quality garments production companies in Pakistan, Orient Apparel is here for your needs.  

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